Holistic massage

Holistic massage combines relaxation massage with deep tissue massage. The effect is to relax the whole body while working on those knotted muscles and easing specific areas of tension.

I work with aromatherapy oils in a base of almond oil (alternatives are available in the case of nut allergies). Oils have their own relaxing and healing qualities and in consultation with the client I will select appropriate oils for the specific massage treatment.

Massage contact is directly onto the skin, with towels provided to cover the areas of the body that I am not working on.

Treatments are tailored to the needs of each client, based on a brief discussion about your medical history and your current mood and physical condition.


The following treatments are offered but each can be modified to suit your requirements:

  • Back massage lasts 30-35 minutes and focuses on the back, neck and shoulders.


  • A one-hour massage also includes the arms, hands, legs, feet and head.


  • A 90-minute massage enables all areas of the body to be treated and fully relaxed.


Clients are also welcome to book an individual chair massage.


Massage sessions can be booked at my home in Lee Green, SE12 (parking available).

For home visits there is an additional charge to cover the time and expense involved in travelling to you.