Why choose massage?

People choose massage for various reasons. Some may arrange a massage treatment, or series of treatments, in order to address the tensions that build up through general daily living or which are exacerbated by desk work or driving. Others opt for massage to treat specific areas of muscle tightness and tension, or to reduce emotional stress.


Many people book a massage for themselves – or for a friend - as an occasional treat to relax, unwind and let go.


Massage can also be valuable in loosening up before taking part in sport, and for treating stiff muscles after a tough session in the gym or on the track.

Massage is a complementary treatment, which means it can be effective in supporting and enhancing the benefits of other treatments. The treatment works on a number of levels, enhancing your general sense of wellbeing, simultaneously relaxing and energising the body and its systems. It can help unlock the knots that build up in our muscles, creating a physical looseness and ease of movement.


Massage can also improve skin tone, stretch the tissue around the joints, strengthen the immune system and assist the circulation of blood and lymph within the body.

The effects of a one-off massage can stay with you for several days or longer. Undertaking a course of massage treatments can create cumulative and long-term benefits, especially if combined with other changes in your daily activity such as stretching exercises.

"Fantastic massage from Safe Hands this week for my partner and me to treat trapped nerves in our backs. Warm, welcoming, relaxing, professional.  Highly recommended if you need a massage to treat a problem or just to simply relax. Back is so much better and I slept like a log that night."


(Client quote posted on Facebook)