Chair massage is a revitalising treatment given in an ergonomically designed chair. It is a pressure-based massage focusing on the back, arms, head and neck. The technique can help ease muscle tension, relieve stress and promote relaxation, stimulate the lymphatic system, boost the immune system and improve circulation.


A treatment session can be as short as 10 minutes per client, or as long as an hour. The massage is given through the clothes, and there are no oils involved so it is highly suitable for multiple clients, in the workplace and at community events.


For individual clients I offer a 30-35 minute chair massage treatment at my home, or on home visits. Click here for cost of treatments.


For workplace massage and other on-site events I usually require a minimum booking of two hours, although I can be flexible about this if you are arranging an initial session to gauge demand.

Chair massage (on-site massage)